Aaron Schafer Graphic Designer


A burly beard and interesting backstory will only get you so far. It is all about passion. I grew up in the wings of the stages of Las Vegas. The kid scribbling in a sketchbook as the show went on. With a father who produced Vegas shows and a Mom who flew on the trapeze, I learned at a very young age the value of creativity and action.

Showbiz is never stationary and I have had the opportunity to live in Colorado, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada, California, and even Canada for a time. Each place left me with a unique experience that makes me who I am today. I finally settled down in Las Vegas 20 years ago, raised my family, and grew in my creativity.

So many strange and interesting experiences led me to a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Las Vegas. I’ve designed for a wide array of companies ranging from Electricians to Psychotherapists and from Drum Circles to Doctors. It’s never a dull moment.

I focus my inner creativity to solve problems for clients. Distilling ideas is my thing. Logos, branding, print design, layout and pre-press, illustration, and web site design are all in my bag of tricks to help you solve the puzzle of what design solution works best for you.

Aaron Schafer